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April What's the Biz

Our last meeting featured lots of planning to let people know that PRIDE BUSINESS LEAGUE is HERE to lift up LGBTQ+ Businesses in Idaho.

  1. We will host June's First Thursday Downtown and are looking for our businesses to come out and represent on the City Hall Plaza.

  2. We have secured the community booth at the Farmer's Market for three Saturdays to promote the Pride Business League and your businesses.

  3. We are supporting Everybody Say Love Event with volunteers.

We then had a lively, tasty, and informative presentation by Grace of Golden Giraffe Caterers. She not only does custom parties, she will do a custom cooking lesson in your home. Smiling all the way she swears that she does not care what state your home is in, she can help you cook in it.

Next meeting is on May 7th where we will put some leaves on the branches of our plans and hear from one of our members about their specialty.

May 7th, 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. at Somewhere.

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